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Greg has been involved in the community sector for much of his professional life and has over 25 years’ experience in leadership and managerial positions in both commercial and not for profit organisations. He has worked across a diverse range of industries including health, manufacturing, community services, arts, OH&S, industrial relations,Aboriginal affairs and banking.

Greg is currently the CEO of Boarding Australia with a focus on Indigenous students who need to move away from community to get an education. From 2011 to 2015, Greg was CEO in the Aboriginal community of Yalata in SA, a role which he describes as both challenging and rewarding. In this role, he also held responsibilities as the Executive Officer for the Yalata Community Council and the community’s commercial interests – Yalata Community Store Pty Ltd and Yalata Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Greg grew up in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, a lived experience that enables empathy for the many people who do it tough.He was the first of this family to attend university, achieving an Associate Diploma Recreation Planning and Management and a Masters of Business Administration. 

Greg is looking forward to contributing his skills and passion to challenging roles in organisations that are values based and contribute to their community.