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Joel Bayliss is a proud Aboriginal man who has lived onKaurna land his whole life. He has a keen passion for Social Justice. Inresponse to a Bill Leak cartoon that portrayed a negative stereotype ofAboriginal fathers, Joel posted an image of himself and his two beautifulchildren Ava and Isaiah to twitter. This single image became a nationalmovement known as #indigenousdads with thousands of images shared - turning that negative stereotype into a positive one.

Joel has been involved in several community projects, and was a finalist in the RAA Driving Force Leadership & Office for Youth Outstanding Indigenous Young Achievers Award for the Channel 9 Young Achievers Awards in 2008 and 2009.

Joel has been on the Reconciliation SA Board since 2008. He believes that reconciliation is the process where we as Australians acknowledge the past, but move forward together as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.