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Constitutional Reform

On May 26th, 2017 a delegation of 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples spoke with a united voice and released the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ calling for a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice to Parliament.

This was the culmination of the Referendum Council’s extensive process that was supported by all sides of government. But, despite claims of wanting to enter into a meaningful dialogue with Aboriginal Australia, the Turnbull government rejected the Referendum Council’s Report, its advice and subsequent recommendations including the Uluru Statement.

Reconciliation SA continues to promote community education and advocacy about constitutional change. If you'd like to learn more about this issue, Reconciliation SA recommends the following resources:

Education, employment, local engagement, justice and health and well-being.

Understanding the reasons why there is inequality and division between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians is the first step in working towards reconciliation in our society. Our goal is to improve education about reconciliation in both schools and the wider community. Improving Aboriginal education and employment is of benefit to all Australians, including those who take leadership through training, cultural competency and mentoring programs. Reconciliation SA continues to work with Local Governments and community leaders to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Finally, Reconciliation SA is committed to addressing the unacceptably high rates of incarceration of Aboriginal people.

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